Uses for your levelling bar.

Levelling Bar for Tractor

A levelling bar is a very use implement to have on both a big farm or lifestyle block. Here are some of its most popular uses.

Track maintenance

Well-designed and maintained tracks and raceways make it quicker and easier to get around the farm, reduce wear and tear on farm vehicles, and help prevent lameness in stock. Good tracks and raceways also improve water quality by keeping dirty run off out of waterways. Running the levelling bar along tracks  will help to even out areas and pull in lose material from the edges or drains to ensure tracks remain well drained. It may be useful to run over the tracks with with a tyre roller following this process to ensure the loose material is well compacted and does not run Back into the drains in the next heavy rainfall.

Mitigating  paddock pugging

The levelling bar is often a good tool to start the mitigation of pugging that has occurred in your farm paddocks over winter. Best achieved when the soil is dry. Sometimes it can be useful to run the harrows over first to loosen up any harder material and run over with a tyre roller following the levelling bar to compact areas evenly to ensure water does not sit in select areas.

Re-seeding or sowing of paddocks and lawns

Following ploughing paddocks or lawns can be re-levelled with the levelling bar. This is often best done following several runs with the harrows with duals on. Levelling should be done when the soil is dry. Seed can then be applied and to maximise growth a tyre roller is run over the paddock or lawn to increase seed contact with soil and ensure the soil is compact and not going to run off in the next heavy rain.

Distribution of manure in paddocks

The levelling bar can be useful to disperse built up manure in a paddock that is resting to ensure good coverage and regeneration.

Horse arena maintenance

The levelling bar can be used to help pull in and level the loose chipping/sand build up from the edge of the arena.
***The reason for using a levelling bar following harrowing is that although the harrows can leave a level top different levels of firmness can be concealed, these can form lump or divots over time.
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