In shed feed systems – alterations and maintenance

dairy feed wagon repairs

Reptec is here to support you in your dairy operation. This includes helping you to maintain your feed mixing and delivery equipment.
There are many benefits of feeding systems that include the more accurate dispersion of minerals to every cow. Technology where individual cows can be allocated feed depending on their milk production level and the opportunity for to eat an equal amount of feed. You are required to ensure any off-pasture feeding system for your herd does not create a risk to milk quality and does not create an environment where there is risk of pathogens or disease included in milk harvested from dairy cows in an off-pasture system.
Feed mixing and delivery equipment needs to:

  • Be easy and safe to operate
  • Fit with existing farm infrastructure
  • Provide the same diet to all animals in the group
  • Deliver a diet that adds to farm profit
  • Be easy to maintain (having local mechanical support is important)

Feed System Considerations:
For herringbone sheds feeding systems that prevent cow access to the feed bins during loading and unloading of the herringbone can reduce milking times and make it easier to get cows to exit from the platform. A rotary systems need to be smart enough to withhold feed from empty positions and from those cows going around twice. Precise and reliable measuring of feed allocations can reduce feed costs and wastage. The matching of supplementary feeding to production using electronic ID and milk meters can optimise the herd’s nutritional management. Check the ability of the system to integrate with production software to manipulate feeding rates. Ensure the robustness and reliability of the equipment and that you meet maintenance requirements.
Feed Storage
Covered hoppers reduce contamination from vermin and birds and are easier to clean. Consider where the silo is going to be positioned in relation to vat and/or the milkroom. Reptec can run repairs and alterations to your feed storage to ensure your feed lasts.
Concrete Pad
Keeping your concrete pad maintained is important in reducing the risk of injuries to your cows in the yard and making sure the shed is easy to clean. Reptec can help with concrete pitting repairs in your dairy shed.
Backup power
If in dairy feeding is a significant part of the cows’ diet, consider the ability of the system to function manually (in case of breakdown) or using farm-generated emergency power.
Feed mixer wagons and trailers
We can also help to ensure your feed mixing wagons and feed trailers are in good condition, altering or repairing when needed.