Dairy Shed Design and Planning

Milking operation in a dairy shed

We are able to assess your current design and offer you suggested improvements for your dairy shed. Reptec can also repair or replace parts of your current design using onsite welding and high quality steel. Kick rails should be installed for staff safety. Zig Zag railing can be installed for better cupping alignment. Support railings should be checked for damage and repair requirements.

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Backing Gates
If a backing gate is well designed and used correctly it can help to improve cow flow into the dairy. Cows should never be forcibly pushed with a backing gate. This causes damage to backing gates and causes cows to be uncomfortable. If cows heads are raised they are too tightly packed in. Backing gates are designed to remove the gap in the yard. See also backing gate repairs.

Cow Shed Entry and Exit

Cow flow between the yard and dairy is paramount for milking efficiency.
Good design will encourage cows to enter. Non slip surfaces should be installed to prevent lameness and improve welfare. Exit races should be free from obstruction. Exit Gates (pit swing gates and or guillotine gates) are regularly damaged, bearings and ball joints should be checked.


Open Exit races without obstruction, have a positive effect on how cows leave the dairy and the efficiency of drafting systems. Drafting systems that are not well designed can affect the accuracy of your herd management. Drafting systems should be serviced during the winter months to avoid frustration, downtime and inaccuracy. See Reptec for Pnuematic and or manual drafting systems the installation of cattle crush gates see shop)