Dairy Shed Alterations, Extensions and Repairs

Milking operation in a dairy shed

Keep on top of maintenance and repair of your dairy cow shed by ensuring wear and tear is dealt to fast. Reptec offer engineering services to maintain and repair equipment in your dairy shed operation, this includes on-site welding and custom engineered alterations to your yard.

We offer the following services and more:
  • Shed Repairs Maintenance
  • Yard Repairs and Rebuilds
  • Concrete Pitting Repairs
  • Rotary Platforms
  • A/B Platforms
  • Backing Gates
  • Gearboxes
  • Wheels and Services
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engineering dairy sheds


Servicing your backing gate during the winter should be a priority to avoid downtime. Checking tread on the drive wheels and drive gearboxes so the gate travels evenly. Wheels should be mounted firmly to the shaft and keyways and circlips are not worn. Wheel covers should be in place for protection and safety to staff. Checking ropes, pulleys and greasing your gate should be part of a monthly service plan. Making sure that electrical cable is evenly spaced and there is no crimping of wires. Winches should be checked and adjusted if required. Reptec Ltd offer servicing round and rectangular yard backing gates. Yard scrapers are often attached to the backing gate. The blades should be replaced when worn to avoid damage to the aluminium booms. Reptec Ltd replace the blades


To prolong the operational life of your gearboxes, regular inspections and maintenance is essential. Oil leaks, blocked breathers, lack of lubrication, overheating, gear wear and contacts, excess play and vibrations can all be causes of your gearboxes not providing maximum operational efficiency. Prevent excess down time with maintenance of gearboxes on Rotary Platforms and Backing Gates this spring. For advice on inspecting; maintaining, repairing; and or replacing your gearbox contact Reptec Ltd.