On farm safety and how we can help

Milking operation in a dairy shed

We all know that the farm poses many risks which we are unable to mitigate but there are a few things in and around your dairy operation that we can help with.
These include:

Adjustments to your milking shed

• Installing kick guards
• Installing hand rails on steps
• Providing a skirt around the platform or guard the rotary milking platform rollers.
• Fixing leaks or weaknesses in the pipe jointing.
Find out more about our dairy shed alterations.

heatlth and safety cabinets for shedsSupplying Health and Safety Cabinets

Keep all your important safety documentation in one of our fire and weather proof health and safety cabinets.

drum roller for dairy farms and shedsDrum rollers to reduce lifting

Lifting and carrying objects increases the risk of back injury. Most back injuries don’t happen suddenly. They usually occur after many years of wear and tear, making the discs between the vertebrae weak and prone to rupture. Reptec’s drum roller mitigates this by making it easier to move large drums around the dairy shed.

Exposed moving parts of pumps

Make sure adequate guarding is in place for the moving parts of your pumps moving parts and make sure children can’t access them. Reptec can provide you with a suitable solution if you do not already have one in place.
See more details from worksafe on reducing hazards on dairy farms .