Improving pasture for paddocks or lawns with a roller.

grass pasture improvement

To improve grass or crop growth for lawns or paddock pastures, a roller is often used to help level off divots (pugging). This makes moisture distribute more evenly maximising germination and growth across the entire area.
When using a roller the main thing to check is that soils are dry enough to hold the tractor (duel tyres may help if possible). Secondly make sure the roller has the effect of levelling the soil profile. The improvement can be seen by filling the pug marks and distributing moisture more evenly to improve bad pasture growth.
rubber tyre roller
For Highly Compacted Soil
Sub-soiling or ripping followed by cultivation will be required. The soil will need to be dry enough to do this successfully.
Plant density is low – soil structure ok.
Roll the ground before applying seed to get even depth placement. Use a large flat roller with a minimal amount of water in it.
Light to moderate soil damage.
Roll and use urea to encourage pasture growth.
In some cases the area may be too large to renovate this spring. These areas could be identified for autumn renovation levelling over the late spring and summer period and could be used as a sacrifice area.
Alternatively some people apply mulch, compost or topsoil and then use a levelling bar to create an even surface. This method is sometimes referred to as topdressing and is often used for lawns.
• Check earlier chemical usage will not be residual in the soil before replanting.
• All re-sowing requires appropriate timing.
• Don’t take on more than you can manage effectively.
• When re-sowing seeds need maximum soil contact – improved by rolling.
• Rolling after harrowing generally optimises germination.
• If harrowed after sowing and rain is predicted, rolling may not be required.
• Rolling is beneficial in most soil types to increase seed soil contact.
• Rolling may not help if soils are prone to glazing (generally associated with clay soils), or in some soil types where the seed bed has become very powdery.
All crops and grasses benefit from some irrigation or effluent. Especially from December to February.
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