Dairy Shed Top and Backing Gates

engineering dairy sheds

Automated gates are common in modern dairy operations they reduce the need for extra man power and to improve the flow of cows through the dairy operation. The holding yard is one place where moving cows are not supervised by staff. In the absence of this supervision it is good to establish habitual cow movement. When an abnormal situation occurs, the gate stops and displays the appropriate warning message on the operator station.

High Lift or Overhead Gates

Are an overhead gate that extends across either the radius of a circular yard, or the width of a rectangular yard in either herring bone or circular shed operations. These gates are manufactured from heavy galvanised steel. Some top gates utilise a low voltage current as a gentle reminder for the cows to move forward.

Backing Gates

Backing gates are designed to move your cows from your collection yards onto the milking platform in an orderly manner by gently removing space as cows move on to the milking platform. The gates are powered by either a water or electric motor, through purpose built geared reduction drive units.
Backing gates are manufactured from heavy galvanised pipe and should be fitted with hinges that can fold tight together without becoming hinge bound. Double gates have a ‘rising/return to centre hinge’ which enables the use of reversible drives. Backing gates are designed to move in short frequent movements, it is important to allow time for the cows at the back of the yard to move off the gate. Some systems integrate an automatic scraper system designed to reduce the effort needed for shed clean up.
Often disguised under a thick coating of manure on the majority of New Zealand dairy farms the gear mechanism can take a fair hammering a should have regular maintenance. It is important to minimise the effects of the workplace environment. This could result in an increased operating temperature or even possible contamination of the gearbox. For maintenance of your backing gate gears or for help upgrading your yards contact Reptec.
The benefits of backing gate are:
• Two herds can be managed in immediate succession.
• Dairy operation efficiency is improved.
• Can be customized to meet almost any yard or meeting customer needs.
• Optional scraper attachment makes shed clean up quicker.
See Reptec for winter service and repairs to backing gates and scrapers.