60mm Miracle Bar® | Anti-Backing Bar

$525.00 +gst

60mm Miracle Bar

The ultimate cattle anti backing bar for use in herringbone milking parlours (cowsheds), vet races or other cattle handling yards comprising of side rails. The telescopic Miracle Bar is easily attached to the breast and rump rails and becomes impossible to shift as it is angled back to become parallel with the cows in the bail. The more pressure the cows put on the bar the firmer it clamps on. Fitted with a unique curved pivotal clamp which grips the radius of the pipe, rather than just the edge, ensures the Miracle Bar cannot be kicked off vertically.
– Built from sturdy 100% Corrosion resistant materials offering a 10+ year lifespan.
– Internal Rubber shock absorber to reduce noise and shock when the handle returns to the base of the bar.
– Moulded rubber handle for easy and comfortable operation.
– Unique anti-catching handle stop; keeps the handle from detaching completely from the bar.
– Long straight pivotal clamps disperse an even spread of pressure which ensures no damage to the gripped rail.
– Curved internal clamp provides excellent anti-lift security when the bar is in place but has little or no backward pressure applied.


60mm Miracle Bar® | Anti-Backing Bar